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Chris by MismatchTwistedAngel
He's an Australian Shepherd inu, and part of the story Fang was created for.
He seems to have fallen for a rather robot-like boy name Yuesha, who's a swan.....and may actually be a robot? It's yet to be determined.
He's kind of rude/cold towards others, can can be a real sweety.
OK DUDE, DUDETTES, BOXES, PSSUMS, WEIRDOS,DORKS, ad all things in between, I need you guys to give me songssss
What do you guys actually think of my art? Please be honest, I'm working on it and need to know what people think, and if there are particular +/- that you guys note that I should keep or work on :T. But please be nice about it TuT
This is a part of my TG (The Gang) comic/shortcomic/story.:squee: 
Yes yaoi is contained within these stories.Heart Love Wink/Razz 
However it is only hinted at in here.Sweating a little... 

"Zaaaaaaack" Whined a young boy, about the age of seventeen. His words leaving his ghost-like lips in the form of a soft wisp of white fog; his startling blue eyes studying the male next to him on the bench, narrowed in upset curiosity. "When are you going to show them to me?" He questioned, watching as the other turned his head to look at him. At least the boy thought Zack was looking at him, you could never tell because the boys light freckled face was always blocked off by orange/blonde hair, which was nearly impossible to move without getting bit, and a beanie was always there to keep it in place.... A shrug was all he got in response before the other turned his head away. He rarely spoke, so the multicolored-haired male should have known that was what he was going to get in response, but he couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed, his arrowed-tail hanging limply over the bench.

The request was about Zack's eyes, seeing as the pair had been friends for years and saw everything there was to see of each other, everything but Zack's eyes. Zack seemed to be the only human in the group.....but that might not even be true if he could just look at his eyes, if he saw them he would know. Zack knew that was D.J.'s goal, but he wouldn't budge on the idea. That one little thing drove the demon-hybrid insane, more so then he usually was.

After a long pause, in which the two watched the rest of their friends play in the snow, Dather decided to break the awkward peace. Leaning back against the snow-covered bench he groaned before speaking* "I'm not even sure why we're even friends." He said it every time this conversation was brought up, which meant he said it a lot. After a pause he heard a huff of annoyance, and before he could open his mouth to speak he hit the snow, a low grunt leaving hi mas the crunch of the snow subsided. Just seconds later there was a hand on either side of his head and knees/legs on either side of his waist in the snow. Opening the eyes he had closed in surprise he blinked, looking up into the face..or half of the face of Zack. "What the hell are you doi-" He was cut off once the beanie fell to the snow, and he bit his bottom lip to suppress a gasp of surprise. Before him was one of the most beautiful yet terrifying things the male had seen in a while. Accompanying the eyes came a soft-spoken, and welcoming, yet cold voice, a rather odd but lovely, sing-song voice. "Happy now?" Music 


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